Cali born & Oregon grown !


getting time for myself is so nice. I can feel like I’m in control & can organize my life. It’s hard to get space away from my lover boy..feels nice to miss him; instead of being annoyed with him. Being away from him makes me realize how much I do really enjoy being in a relationship with him. We jus can’t spend every day together. & we have to be okay with it. He seems to be..

10 hours ago


  • Joker Kid
  • Harley Quinn Kid
  • Bane Kid
  • Catwoman Kid
  • Riddler Kid
  • Pison Ivy Kid
12 hours ago


between wanting a serious relationship & wanting to be single & freeee. I always pour my all into relationships & I guess I set high standards cuz I never feel truly happy. I am still so young. Have a discovered love? Or am I a hopeless romantic searching in all the wrong places

1 day ago
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